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History of Memphis Junior Academy

Memphis Junior Academy (MJA) opened its doors in 1910, as an eight-grade elementary school. The Memphis First Seventh-day Adventist Church has operated the school since its inception, being joined by the Raleigh Seventh-day Adventist Church in 1951.

In 1920, the school moved from Faxon Avenue to a new location at the corner of North Parkway and Dunlap, where it remained until moving to its current location on seven acres of land at 50 North Mendenhall Road in 1954. It became a junior academy, initially offering grades one through ten, in 1929, with Kindergarten being added later. A Pre-K program was added in 2006. In 2016 the first class of Seniors graduated from MJA’s new high school program, completing a longstanding dream to offer a comprehensive educational experience for Memphis area families.

The purpose of the school has always been to offer the highest quality education possible to the young people who attend Memphis Junior Academy, training and encouraging them to become church and community leaders.

Throughout MJA’s history, it has continued to improve the quality of education provided. While emphasis has continued to be strong in the core subjects, in recent years instruction has begun in additional areas. Underlying all learning is a strong emphasis on Bible study, Christian growth, and character development.

Among the graduates and former students of Memphis Junior Academy are numerous successful ministers, doctors, teachers, dentists, nurses, businessmen and women, and many outstanding leaders in all walks of life.