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Why Choose Memphis Junior Academy?

Here at Memphis Junior Academy we choose to live out our Mission to: make learning meaningful and practical while pointing to our Creator as the source of wisdom and knowledge. To foster high standards of academic achievement and critical thinking through a rigorous and relevant curriculum. To personalize the teaching/learning environment in a manner designed to help each student maximize his/her spiritual, mental, physical, social, and cultural talents. And to show students that the best way to lead is by example as Jesus did. To lead students to a knowledge and love of God and help them develop a relationship with Christ through Bible studies and baptism. To develop respect and reverence for the Bible. To assist parents and the church in the formation of Christ-like characters in their children. To foster qualities of Christian character: respect, reverence, responsibility, commitment, integrity, and concern for others. To promote, via all aspects of the school program, the unique “way of life” espoused by the Seventh-day Adventist church, including its philosophy, mission, doctrines, structure, and fellowship.

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Be part of one of the largest school systems in the world and open up a world of opportunity for your child with Adventist Education.

Why should you choose Adventist Education?

Children in U.S. Adventist schools achieve on average half a grade higher than the national average, and beyond their own predicted ability. This is evidence by a recent CongnitiveGenesis study reported in the Christian Science Monitor.

Children in Adventist schools make better moral decisions, as shown by ValueGenesis, an earlier study.

Adventist schools have 4,700 highly qualified, certified teachers who encourage each child to fulfill his or her human potential.

Your child’s health is very important to us. We grow healthy kids.

Our school exemplifies quality instruction with 180 Educational days per year; a Certified Caring Staff; High Test Scores; Small Class Size; as well as Affordable Tuition.

We invite you to visit us for a FREE Educational Consultation. We believe that your first introduction should begin with a one-on-one personal meeting with our most experienced education expert. We will listen to understand your goals for your child’s education including academic preparation, faith, and Christian leadership development. Our goal is to support you, as parents, in making the best education decision for your child. We understand you have other educational options. Ensuring that you have an educational fit is the first investment in your child’s educational outcomes. Both parents are encouraged to attend the consultation.